Technical Due Diligence Solution

Investment companies make use of specialized employees or external consultants to make an assessment of the technical state of a company. The Technical Due Diligence Solution by Penguin Formula is an objective online tool to retrieve vital “technical” information before the investment.

The Challenge

The Technical Due Diligence is done mainly by specialized employees or external consultants in a time consuming and expensive process which does not necessary deliver the most objective information.


Penguin Formula combined extensive business experience with great IT development capabilities to create an online solution that delivers a more objective, efficient and secure Technical Due Diligence.

The Penguin Formula Technical Due Diligence solution has the following advantages:

  • Well documented;
  • The responsibility of the actual technical status is with the target company of the investment;
  • A secure way to transfer and secure sensitive information;
  • Objective;
  • Data can be kept for future reference;