We have a wide range of solutions to help you accomplish any IT project.


From Portugal to the world. We dedicate ourselves to constantly look for the best talent and nurture our people. Your next Dream Team is up to us!



From South America, mainly from Brazil, we can bring you all kind of professionals and help you cross the Atlantic and manage a higly skilled tropical team.

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Looking for IT professionals under your roof? Say no more. Our language is global and our people have it in their DNA.



Need a custom quote specific to your needs? We build the solution together. Lay the challenge.

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From searching and selecting candidates, to all the legal requirements, Penguin Formula can help you to find the perfect specialist to fit your project.

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WHY? Providing highly skilled, communicative IT professionals to help our clients build customized products.

HOW? We deliver a premium service to our IT professionals, so they can do the same for our clients.

WHAT? Providing highly skilled, communicative IT professionals to help our clients build customised products.

“In 2016, the company I was leading needed a larger software development team to grow. However, the Dutch market encountered a shortage of highly skilled developers, thus creating a problem and affecting the organization’s output.
At the time, an acquaintance was leading a team of Portuguese developers in Lisbon and was content with their skills, experience, and positive work attitude. Therefore, as a trial, I decided to start hiring developers in Portugal; within one year, we were able to build a complete team. It was made clear how much the quality of code, documentation, and speed of development helped the organization expand and flourish in the market.

Penguin Formula derived from this experience.

With knowledge of the Dutch IT market, I (with the help of an investor) conceived a plan: to become a leading player in Europe. Set with the ambition to grow big and maintain the reason for its existence: quality assurance.

However, we soon realized that the Portuguese market was relatively small. And in order to obtain our goals and to provide for the needs of the Northern European market, we needed to expand the recruitment outside of Portugal. This is when we began recruiting in South America (mainly in Brazil).

We were pleased to see that Brazilian software developers were as skilled and communicative as their Portuguese counterparts. Which, in the vision of Penguin Formula, is a must-have in order to provide high-quality software delivery.

Resulting in both our clients and developers being able to focus on what they do best: their core business.”

Rudolf Vriens – CEO Penguin Formula

Our mission is to bring the best software developers together to help out clients innovate and grow. We do this by investing in the professional and personal growth of our developers.

Be the number one inspiring software house, knowing that our future relies on IT.

Communication: Openness and transparency as our basic pillars
Care: Assuming personalized and customized support, delivering premium services
Dynamic: Being fast, flexible and driven.
Companionship: Focus on team efforts, trust, and unity
Growth: Being ambitious, aiming for an international presence, and assuring sustainable growth



LetShare EMS - Event Management Solution

A complete and innovative solution to upgrade & optimize the management of meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions (MICE) for the tourism & hospitality industry.


CPS - Critical Planning Solution 

Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, CPS turns challenging problems into simple solutions. Based on the right information CPS helps to manage complex infrastructures. 


SnapTest - Online Booking for Massive Testing

Our answer and main contribution for the pandemic situation, a SaaS solution to allow massive testing decentralisation with screening validation to access events.



Our own AI solution! An intelligent chat bot that learns thru interactions and automates client support, booking and digital shopping experience.


DPO One - Legal

Being GPDR compliant was never so easy. We've designed a SaaS solution on assessment, evaluation, and reporting to help Privacy Specialists to deliver their projects in full compliance with RGPD and LGPD.


TDD - Technical Due Diligence

An online tool that offers investments firms a structured technical due diligence process and reporting, holding all parties accountable in delivering valuable information with an automated mindset.

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In the best Avenue of  Lisbon.

Avenida da Liberdade! Possibly, the noblest area in Lisbon, an amazing place. Who lives here usually don't want to be anywhere else. And our office is really in the heart of the city!
A great place, with great people for great clients. 

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Designação do projeto: Penguin Formula 4World
Código do projeto: LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER-025141
Objetivo principal: Reforçar a competitividade das pequenas e médias empresas.
Região de intervenção: Lisboa
Entidade beneficiária: Penguin Formula, Unipessoal, Lda 

Data de aprovação: 08-03-2017
Data de início: 21-03-2017
Data de conclusão: 31-12-2020
Custo total elegível: 161.340,00 EUR
Apoio financeiro da União europeia / FEDER



Avenida da Liberdade
230, 4th floor 1250-148 Lisbon


Hogeweg,14 1098 CB Amsterdam

(+351) 213 471 301