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Some cookies are essential for the functioning of the electronic platform, so they cannot be disabled by the user without compromising their use and experience. However, there are optional cookies that optimize navigation and allow (i) the memorization of preferences; (ii) search facilitation; and (iii) customization of the use of platforms. 


Cookies are small text files sent and stored on your computer. These small files are used to recognize, monitor and store browsing as a user on the Internet.


The use of cookies to track/store information will enable the Parent Company to offer a personalized service, according to the characteristics and interests of its visitors, even enabling the offer of specific content and advertising for each person, benefiting the user's experience in the Internet.


This website uses its own cookies, third party cookies and other similar technologies, as described in more detail below.

a. Required 

These cookies are necessary for the use/uploads and identification of website users (e.g. security cookies to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of credentials and protect user data from unauthorized third parties).

b. Analytical 

This website uses Google Analytics cookies to gather information, jointly and in aggregate, about the number of users who visit it and how to use it, so that general and unnamed statistics about the service and its use, without the possibility of tracking or specifying the identity of each individual user. These cookies use the full IP address of the website users to provide geographic data of a general nature. Google Analytics settings allow data to be shared with Google in order to use the following services: i) Tests, namely participating in the collection of anonymous data that make the status of the data easier to understand; ii) Technical assistance, to allow Google to provide assistance; and iii) Account specialists, to allow Google marketing experts to provide suggestions to improve setup and analysis.

In order to get more details and information about, please go to the following page.

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c. Performance 

These cookies are used to check when users access the website, website performance and help with security measures to protect user accounts.

d. Functional 

These cookies are for storing and customizing services according to users' preferences.

e. Advertising and marketing 

These cookies are to subsidize advertisements according to users' profiles and preferences, as well as to provide relevant content.


Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You can, however, change the settings to block them or create an alert when a cookie is being sent to your device. There are numerous ways to manage cookies (e.g. blocking general, specific or even against third parties).

Therefore, if users wish to restrict or block all cookies set on the website, this operation can be performed through the settings of their browser.

Consult your browser instructions to learn more about how to adjust/change your settings, remembering that the desired setting must be replicated across all devices (eg computers and smartphones).
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Please be informed that Google Analytics cookies can be disabled by installing a specific plug-in for each browser, which is available on this page that you should consult.


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